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  • { Congratulations } Outstanding Tourism Industry Award by Taiwan Tourism Bureau in 2017

    Date Feb. 14, 2017

    In 2017, Golden Foundation Tours Corp. was achieved the honor of “Outstanding Tourism Industry Award” from Taiwan Tourism Bureau, recognizing Golden Foundation Tours Corp.’s excellence of professionalism and service quality. All employees are proud and thank for support of clients and Taiwan Tourism Bureau.
  • { Amazing Taiwan Tour } Kinmen and Hsinchu Routes

    Date Jul. 18, 2016

    The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle network currently has more than 35 routes, most on the main island. The most popular, however, according to a recent study conducted by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, are the four routes on the offshore island of Kinmen. Network buses have been running on Kinmen Island since the end of 2013. There are four routes (Shuitou Zhaishan ,Guningtou Battlefield, Shishan Folk Culture Village, and Banyan Park & Taihu Lake), allowing tourists to conveniently get to most of Kinmen’s main attractions.

    At the end of last year, a new Taiwan Tourist Shuttle route was established in the northwestern city of Hsinchu. The route has stops at places of interest in central Hsinchu, and also enables convenient access to Nanliao Fishing Harbor. It also connects to the network’s popular Lion’s Head Mountain Route, with a transfer at the THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) Hsinchu Station bus stop. For more info, visit www.taiwantrip.com.tw

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