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    Date Feb. 25, 2021

    For a nature enthusiast, what would be more relaxing than taking a hot spring bath in winter time? The rare Guanziling Mud Hot Spring can be your next destination for the nourishment and relaxation. Guanziling Scenic Area is one of the hot spring hometowns and the only mud hot spring in Taiwan. Since 1898, when Japanese soldiers found this special hot spring area, Guanziling has been developed as a hot spring attraction.

    With the endless mountains surrounded, there are also lots of unique natural and cultural scenic sights in Guanziling area, such as Guanziling Old Street (the only street in Guanziling with a hundred years history), Haohan Hill (Long Stairway Hill), the Water and Fire Cave (the natural gas and the spring water co-exist in the cave and present a peculiar view, which is one of the seven wonders of Taiwan), Biyun Temple, Dasian Temple, etc.

    Join us and enjoy this wellbeing travel in Taiwan!

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    Date Jan. 25, 2021

    Founded in 1973 by internationally renowned choreographer, LIN Hwai-min, Cloud Gate is acclaimed as “Asia’s leading contemporary dance theater” (The Times), and the winner of the “Outstanding Company” for the 2018 National Dance Awards, UK.

    Cloud Gate dancers receive training in meditation; Qi Gong, an ancient breathing exercise; internal martial arts; modern dance; and ballet. Manifesting in choreographies, the company transforms ancient aesthetics into a thrilling and modern celebration of motion.

    Overlooking the Tamsui River, the “Cloud Gate Theater” is the rehearsal and creating grounds for “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” of Taiwan and has presented many performances and activities by artists from Taiwan and abroad.

    In addition, there are many stunning installation arts, such as “Living World” series” by Master Sculptor Ju Ming around the complex. The Cloud Gate Theater main building is remarkable, with light green glass curtains reflecting the tall surrounding trees. It is not only tasteful but also eco-friendly.

    To learn the story of the first modern dance company from Taiwan, do not miss the charming place to dance with Cloud Gate!

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  • Street food of Taiwan

    Date Feb. 06, 2020

    Endless variety of street food of Taiwan is definitely a visitor's paradise. Let’s introduce some places where tourists can look for yummy food.
    Firstly, the Dihua Street has many stores selling a variety of traditional goods such as Chinese medicines and herbs, dried food, colorful bolts of cloth, and bamboo crafts and so on.
    Secondly, Jiufen is an old mountain village and one of the Taiwan's best old streets with traditional Chinese architecture and great views. It is filled with cafés and tea houses, souvenir stores and amazing views.
    Finally, if you want to experience local life and food of Taiwan, you can visit in traditional market. Mango shaved ice and Pineapple cakes are a must-eat street food when you visit in Taiwan.

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  • How to have a perfect week in Taiwan

    Date Jul. 29, 2019

    If you have holidays over one week in Taiwan, which attractions you must visit? Taiwan is small size and has fantastic transport options; you can see so many attractions in a short time. You cannot miss to visit the best and famous place in Taiwan, such as Taroko Gorge park, Sun Moon Lake, Taipei 101 and so on. Yehlio Geopark, Jiufen, Lukang and Tainan are also the must-see places for your tour of Taiwan when you have holidays over one week.

    Yehlio Geopark
    New Taipei’s Yehlio Geopark is well-known for its sea-erosion and natural scenery. It is the only place in the world where you can see the geological features present in this park, like mushroom rocks, sea-eroded troughs.

    After visiting Yehlio Geopark, you can take a day trip to Jiufen. Jiufen used to be the center of gold mining and located within the hills in northeast of Taiwan. There are many unique teahouses, endless street snacks and the beautiful ocean view in Jiufen.

    Sun Moon Lake
    After a trip to northern Taiwan, you can head to central Taiwan. Sun Moon Lake is located in central Taiwan. The lake has been chosen as one of the “Eight Views of Taiwan” and combines many interesting events and activities. The cycling route around the sun moon lake has been chosen as one of the world’s top 10 cycling paths by CNN. After visiting natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake, you can go to Lukang which is located on the west coast of central Taiwan. Lukang is one of Taiwan’s oldest towns and full by traditional Taiwanese style houses with engraved entrances and windows, red brick walls and tiled road. Many of the old houses are still used for business or preserved as the ancient heritage of Lukang.

    Finally, you can go to Tainan which is located in southern Taiwan. Tainan is the origin of Taiwan and the oldest city on the island. Tainan's Anping old Fort displays an interesting part of Taiwan's history. That fort was early settlements in Tainan and Anping’s old streets nearby the fort is also full of settlement’s interesting history.

    In short, when you enjoy those attractions of Taiwan, you will have a perfect holiday in a week.

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  • Enjoy the colorful Lantern Festival of Taiwan

    Date Jul. 14, 2017

    colorful Lantern Festival of Taiwan

    The Lantern Festival is considered as the most recreational among all the Chinese festivals. This festival is the first full moon night in the Chinese calendar, symbolizing the reunion of family. People usually celebrate this festival by carrying lanterns together. This festival is approaching on March next year.

    When the festival comes, lanterns would be seen or displayed in the streets or parks. Various shapes and kinds of lanterns and colorful activities or performances attract numerous visitors every year.

    If you want to travel around Taiwan at that time, we recommend you join 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS TOUR-FASCINATING FORMOSA SIC TOUR. You can see how Taiwanese celebrate the festival and experience local culture.


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