As an experienced DMC and tour operator, Golden Foundation Tours feel that we have the responsibility to lead the sustainable practices in the market where we operate and influence on our suppliers and clients to participate in sustainability. We align our manner and practices for sustainability and to bring cultural, social, environmental, and economic benefit to the destinations and the visitors. We expect that our business partners and suppliers can be in compliance with the same manner and standards to ensure sustainability.

Travelife Certification Program

Golden Foundation Tours is presently engaged with the Travelife Certification program since October 2018. We are in the first stage ‘Travelife Engaged’ to comply with its international sustainability standards and procedures that suit our Company environment by benefiting our overseas tour operators and clients. We are presently working to move forward to Stage 2 of Travelife Partner by complying with its international sustainability standards and hope to achieve the final stage 3 Travel Certified accreditation.

Objectives and commitment

  1. Comply with the practices which are compliance with the law and regulations.
  2. Cooperate with partners and suppliers following the sustainable value and practices in priority.
  3. Inform and ensure that each employee is fully aware of the company sustainability policy and implement in the practices.
  4. Encourage the employees to propose the products and practices with less negative impacts on the community and destinations.
  5. Minimize the environmental impacts caused by our practices.
  6. Merge the cultural and social elements and experience in our activities to improve the cultural inheritance and social development.
  7. Give back to the community by donating to the underprivileged groups.
  8. Manage with measurable standards, review our sustainability performance, and aim to annually improve in practices.

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