As an experienced DMC and tour operator, Golden Foundation Tours feel that we have the responsibility to lead the sustainable practices in the market where we operate and influence on our suppliers and clients to participate in sustainability. We align our manner and practices for sustainability and to bring cultural, social, environmental, and economic benefit to the destinations and the visitors. We expect that our business partners and suppliers can be in compliance with the same manner and standards to ensure sustainability.

Travelife Certification Program

Amsterdam, Nov 30, 2021. The Travelife Partner award was received today by Golden Foundation Tours Corp. Taiwan. The award is a recognition for the long-term efforts and frontrunner position of Golden Foundation Tours Corp. regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Travelife Partner II

Golden Foundation Tours Corp. is the 1st company in Taiwan to have reached the Travelife Partner award.

We are presently working to move forward to achieve the final stage 3 Travel Certified accreditation.

Objectives and commitment

  1. Comply with the practices which are compliance with the law and regulations.
  2. Cooperate with partners and suppliers following the sustainable value and practices in priority.
  3. Inform and ensure that each employee is fully aware of the company sustainability policy and implement in the practices.
  4. Encourage the employees to propose the products and practices with less negative impacts on the community and destinations.
  5. Minimize the environmental impacts caused by our practices.
  6. Merge the cultural and social elements and experience in our activities to improve the cultural inheritance and social development.
  7. Give back to the community by donating to the underprivileged groups.
  8. Manage with measurable standards, review our sustainability performance, and aim to annually improve in practices.

For more information please download the file below: GFT Sustainability Policy

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals Internal

3R principles

01. Reduce

  1. no printed brochure
  2. turn off lights policy
  3. buy local in order to reduce carbon footprint

02. Reuse

  1. avoid disposables
  2. reusable bottled water
  3. reuse one-sided printed paper

03. Recycle

  1. Separate waste materials
  2. collect used battery
  3. recycle printed paper

Trained sustainability team

Trained sustainability team

GFT established Green Team that all the members had successfully completed the basic Travelife Sustainability training and exam.The Green Team is responsible for providing sustainability training to our employees and monitoring the sustainability actions and outcome every two months.


accommodation providers

GFT prefer to work with sustainable accommodation. Our goal is to design more certified accommodations and sign contract with them as many as possible. Currently, 50% of the accommodations that we are working with are qualified with international or local government sustainability certificate.

green products

GFT will display and promote all products (including accommodation, excursions and packages), which meet the standards of GFT sustainability policy as "GFT green products" on our website in the future.

code of conducts

We are working on codes of conduct/guidelines for sensitive excursions or activities and planning to complete it by the year of 2022.

tour guide training

GFT will start the tour guide training that we cooperate most frequently. Currently, GFT plans to distribute the "Service Provider Sustainability Standards" to tour guides before the tour starts.


ACDT(Association for Cruises Development of Taiwan) is committed to the implementation and promotion of Taiwan island hopping routes. As a member of this association, GFT is also actively participating in itinerary planning and taking this opportunity to promote the concept of sustainability.

In order to promote local economic development and cultural preservation, we had workshops with local sustainable groups during the tour.

Workshops with Local Sustainable Groups

In Green Island & Lanyu

Green Island & Lanyu

In Penghu


In Matsu


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